About Steben

History Isn't Made Overnight


Since 1989, Steben & Company has specialized in bringing alternative investments to sophisticated investors.

There are few companies in the alternative investment world with the experience and expertise that Steben employs when selecting, monitoring and allocating to hedge fund managers and futures trading advisors. Steben & Company uses its experience to help investors and their financial advisors understand alternative investments and the potential diversification benefits to be gained from adding them to an investment plan.

The company's flagship managed futures fund has operated continuously for over 30 years.

Ken Steben

A Message from Ken Steben

President & CEO of Steben & Company, Inc.

I founded Steben & Company in 1989, to create a Fund that gave my clients access to some of the best global commodity trading advisors I could find.

In the more than 30 years since then, our team at Steben & Company has grown and has evolved and developed beyond any expectations I had at the start. I am very proud of the depth and quality of our personnel. I do not know of a better team to provide you with top quality research, advisor selection, monitoring, education and support to access alternative investments. 

I invite you to learn more about each of the Steben teams by clicking on the team links on the left.

The Need for Diversification

The strength of any investment lies in its ability to help mitigate risk and enhance returns. To diversify your investment portfolio, we believe investors need non-correlated investments managed by experienced and skilled alternative investment managers. Steben & Company has the expertise to select a portfolio of such managers.

Managed futures funds have a long history of seeking risk adjusted returns that can make them attractive diversifiers to a traditional portfolio of stocks and bonds.

The funds sponsored by Steben provide investors with access to managed futures managers generally accessible only to institutional and ultra high-net worth investors. The pooling of investor assets allows us to offer access to these manager's strategies with much lower minimums.