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Fund Development

With so many new investment products coming to market each year, it can be tempting to chase the hot sector or product type of the moment.

However, at Steben & Company, our approach to fund development is to build products that we would invest in ourselves — ones that we believe will help an investor reach their long-term investing goals.


Since 1989, Steben & Company has focused on just one thing: alternative investments. We feel that staying focused can produce better results over the long term. While some providers boast product line-ups of hundreds of funds, we manage just a handful. Our oldest fund has been continuously operating since 1990.

Steben & Company’s strength is our ability to conduct global manager due diligence, selection, allocation and monitoring. By developing investment products that combine what we believe are the best managers from around the world, and then consistently monitoring and evaluating their performance, we can deliver the types of products that investors seek when allocating to alternative investments.


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