Our Process

Performance Evaluation Adjustment

At Steben & Company, we believe that due diligence does not end with the selection of managers. Our ongoing performance evaluation process is rigorous and systematic. We utilize all the tools available to us, both proprietary and third party, to continuously analyze manager performance and monitor risk.

Our research team regularly reviews the managers in our funds to ensure they maintain the style, performance, and risk characteristics found during the selection process. Our team also engages in regular conference calls with each manager, requires written performance updates, and has face to face meetings at least annually to re-review the firm’s operations and personnel.

Any material changes identified by the research team will be reviewed by the Investment Committee and may result in the manager losing their mandate.

Ongoing Monitoring Processes
Managed Accounts and Third Party Risk Monitoring
Daily and Monthly Risk Analysis
• Risk levels, margin-to-equity and position concentrations
• Monitor for style drift
    Regular Manager Contact
    • Monthly update discussions (more often as needed)
    • Annual on-site due diligence reviews
      Peer Group Analysis
      • Check that managers remain competitive versus peers


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