Steben Select Multi-Strategy Fund


  • Portfolio Diversification – Gain the potential non-correlated and diversification benefits of a hedge fund portfolio through a single investment with convenient 1099 tax reporting.
  • Manager Selection & Monitoring – Access Steben’s 25+ years experience in manager selection, allocation and ongoing monitoring.
  • Liquid & Lower Beta – Gain exposure to more liquid, lower beta hedge fund strategies including equity market neutral, low beta equity long/short, global macro and fixed income relative value.

Fund Facts

  • Investment Minimum: $25,000
  • Subsequent Minimum: $5,000
  • Subscriptions: Monthly
  • Liquidity: Quarterly 1
Fund Structure
  • Structure
    • Fund of Hedge Funds
    • Closed end management investment company
  • Investor Eligibility: Accredited Investor
  • Investor Status: Shareholder
  • Tax Reporting: 1099
  • Performance Reporting: Monthly
Management of the Fund
  • Investment Manager: Steben & Company
  • Custodian: U.S. Bancorp
  • Administrator: U.S. Bank, N.A.
  • Auditor: KPMG
  • Counsel: K&L Gates

Foreside Fund Services, LLC, Distributor

* The 2016 HFMWeek US Hedge Fund Performance Awards celebrated hedge funds and fund of hedge funds, rewarding those funds that have outperformed their peers. A panel of independent judges selected the winners and short list nominees. The judges are carefully selected for their experience and expertise, as well as their absence of conflicts of interest.