Steben Managed Futures Strategy Fund


  • Portfolio Diversification – Gain the potential non-correlated and diversification benefits of a managed futures portfolio through a single investment.
  • Access & Global Exposure – Access Steben’s 25+ years experience in managed futures trading advisor selection, allocation and monitoring. Gain global exposure to established trading advisors with a history of trading through multiple market cycles.
  • Cost Efficiency – Structured as a mutual fund that does not charge any performance fees.

Steben Managed Futures Funds

Trading Advisors as of March 31, 2018

Trading Advisors Program Strategy
Crabel Capital Management, LLC Advanced Trend Non-Trend
Revolution Capital Management LLC Alpha Non-Trend
PGR Capital LLP PGR Trend Trend
Millburn Ridgefield Corporation Core Markets Trend
Welton Investment Partners, LLC Welton Trend Trend

Fund Facts

  Ticker CUSIP Mgt. Fee Total Annual
Class A SKLAX 858029101 1.75% 2.24%
Class C SKLCX 858029200 1.75% 2.99%
Class I SKLIX 858029309 1.75% 1.99%
Class N SKLNX 858029408 1.75% 2.24%

Fund Terms Fund Highlights

Minimum/Subsequent Investment:

Class A, C, N: $2,500/$100

Class I: $1,000,000/$25,000

Inception: April 1, 2014

Fund Type: Mutual Fund

Liquidity: Daily

Investment Manager: Steben & Company, Inc.

Foreside Fund Services, LLC, Distributor