About Steben

Market Driven Evolution

In investing, the only constant is change. Since 1989, Steben & Company, Inc. has invested heavily in technology, people, and product development to meet the ever changing investment landscape and needs of our investors.

Steben employs an independent, objective process of selecting and monitoring our investment managers. This objectivity allows Steben to act in the best interest of our investors and better evolve our products over time.

Markets, trading methods, and costs are always changing. Because of this, Steben is constantly looking for ways to evolve our selection, allocation, and manager monitoring processes. Over the course of our long history, our goal has been to meet the ever changing needs of our clients and the advisors who serve them.

Steben has built its reputation as a provider of alternative investments since 1989. Our singular focus is to meet the challenges of change and deliver the best products possible to help investors meet their financial goals.